The Hong Kong ICT Awards 2020:

Smart Business (Solution for SME) Bronze Award

Smart Business (Solution for SME) Bronze Award


Payment Asia was established in Hong Kong since1999. It is a leading e-Payment and eCommerce company across Asia, providing the most secure and innovative technology for online and mobile payment solutions to local SMEs.

PA Pay Solutions provide one-stop solutions to SME merchants, which combines smart POS terminals, cloud SaaS services and open platforms, providing basic services to run the stores online and offline. With its own developed APP “PA Pay”, which have integrated with various e-payment methods, such as Alipay, WeChat Pay, UnionPay, credit cards, helping the merchants to simplify the payment procedures and reducing operation costs.

Besides, PA Pay Solutions provides comprehensive O2O online and offline integration solutions to meet the needs of merchants and consumers in different scenarios . In addition to integrating payment, it can be seamlessly integrated with E-shop, E-voucher, social media APPs and mini programs, which helps merchants to extend business from offline to online easily. Its own marketing team also works closely with merchants on not just payment processing but also participating in their sales and marketing, by introducing digital marketing plans to boost local sales from online to offline, and exploring Mainland and Southeast Asian markets.

Payment Asia 由1999年開始紮根香港,領導亞洲電子支付及電子商貿市場,為本地中小企業商戶提供最安全及創新的電子及流動支付方案。

PA 智能支付方案為中小企商戶提供一站式的解決方案,以支付為核心,結合智能POS機、客製化SaaS服務和開放平台,提供中小企商戶開店的基本服務。他們開發了「PA Pay」應用程式,整合各種電子收款方式,包括支付寶、微信支付、銀聯二維碼、Visa、Master等,可配合智能POS機或智能手機使用,簡化收款程序及減低營運成本。

此外,PA 智能支付方案亦提供O2O線上線下整合,打通實體商店及線上商店,融合SaaS、電子票券、支付平台、社交媒體APP和小程序等,讓智能POS從工具變成入口,輕鬆將業務延伸到線上,滿足不同場景下商戶和消費者的需求。自家數碼營銷團隊亦為中小企度身訂造線上宣傳方案,透過社交媒體或應用程式,配合H5、小程序等以線上行銷帶動線下消費,協助商戶利用O2O虛實整合銷售,滿足本地宣傳需要之餘開拓內地以至東南亞市場。

Payment Asia combines most mainstream e-payment methods in Hong Kong into one point-of-sale device. The company also provides all-in-one packages that allow SMEs to link the payment process with the services provided other third-party partners, e.g. logistics companies.

Payment Asia 將香港最主流的電子支付方式整合到一個銷售終端設備中。該公司還提供多合一的軟件包,允許中小企業將付款流程與第三方合作夥伴(例如物流公司)提供的服務聯繫起來。